When taking the white sheet from Bitatto, please peal only the white sheet.Don’t peal off the adhesive sheet. If you have pealed the adhesive sheet too, put it back and press it with your finger, or peal the white sheet from other corners. ※We cannot accept customer requests for returns or exchanges.
When put on to mat surface coating, it’s easier to come off.Just put Bitatto on, press it softly and leave it still for a while. Longer you leave it still, more stable the adhesive strength will be.
Yes, you can. You can weaken the strength by touching the adhesive sheet with your hands. If you feel it’s too weak, wash it with water and let it dry naturally, than the adhesive strength revives. It will be as good as new.
Don’t worry! Bitatto is designed to use repeatedly for many types of packages.The adhesive strength differs with the package you are using. If affinity is good the adhesive increases, if not, weakens.So if you think adhesive differs, it’s not because of Bitatto it’s because of the affinity with the package. Difference in adhesion strength with the materials of package (Our research) Mat surface coating package + Bitatto = weak adhesive PE ・PET surface coating + Bitatto = strong adhesive The adhesive will be stronger if Bitatto is on the package for a long time. “Bitatto won’t come off!” Don’t rush to take it off. Peal it slowly from one corner with the lid closed
 Please read the precautions for use below. Use it after taking off the moist, dirt, and oils.  Do not use it on dirty and bumpy surface.  The adhesive strength will weaken when touched by hands.  Don’t expose the adhesive sheet to direct sunlight. When the adhesive sheet’s color changed we recommend replacement.  Sometimes Bitatto may ripe the package, so please use up the baby wipes and then change.  Please contact us if you find any defectiveness of our product.  The adhesion side deteriorates with time. When the adhesive strength won’t revive, please replace it with a new one. The difference in use environment differs the usable month, but it’s for about 4month.  Even if you do not remove Bitatto for long time, the adhesion side will deteriorates.
It’s the special adhesive sheet which surface tack differs with the surface and the back, makes possible for the Bitatto to use repeatedly.If you remove it too strong, the sheet might come off.Please remove it softly. Since there are various packages, when you think the adhesive strength is too strong,weaken the adhesive sheet by touching it with your hands.When the adhesive strength is weakened by dust, just wash it with water. Unlike the ordinary double-stick tape, the adhesive strength revives.
Depending on how you well the handling and care given to Bitatto.  There are  customers still keeping and using the same piece of Bitatto ever since it is launched 2.5 years ago in Japan.