To Re-Use Bitatto, firstly inspect the adhesive surface of Bitatto Lid. The stickiness will reduces which is an indication of cleaning for re-use is required. When adhesive strength weakens- Bitatto’s special adhesive sheet cleaning with water!


STEP 1: Adhesive sheet is weakened by dusts and dirt. When the adhesive strength is weak, wipe away with water and let it dry naturally.

If adhesive sheet is weakened by oils suh as dirt from the hands or the ink, wipe it softly with neutral detergent or alcohol sanitizer.

When that happens simply remove Bitatto from wet tissue pack.

STEP 2: Wash softly with water.
If you feel adhesive sheet is weak, wash it softly with water using your finger.
Don’t scrub it with your nails.

STEP 3: Let it air-dry naturally, than the adhesive strength revives.
Bitatto is hygienic and is very ecological.

STEP 4: Re-Use Bitatto as usual.